Chia Laguna Resort Weddings

Just imagine Sunset over the sea, running with bare feet on the sand as a pink flamingo flies into the air. This is the magic of the best day of your life. Weddings at the Chia resort will be an unforgettable experience, be they elegant and refined ceremonies or youthful and informal occasions. Choose to say your wedding vows in a corner of paradise, in the heart of southern Sardinia, surrounded by the exclusive settings of the Chia Laguna Resort and soft dunes of white sand.

Trust our experience. We will turn your wedding into a unique event according to your wishes. Decorations, flowers and everything else will be carefully catered for. Our staff will help at every stage, right up to the moment you say your wedding vows. Your friends will go on thanking you for a very long time for the opportunity of partying and having fun together in such an exclusive location.